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• 2/4/2015
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• 8/6/2014

Guess who's back.

Hey everybody, I know I've beern gone for a while, and I'm sorry about that. Summer has been a bit of a rush for me, and keeping up has been difficult.
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• 6/14/2014

Character Naming

It has come to my attention that a few of our characters, while having meaning behind them, do not correspond to RWBY's naming convention, with very few of them having a connection to color. Therefore we should look at the names and see if we can do anything about it (expansion, middle name [limited use], renaming, etc.).
Here is the naming conventions
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• 5/26/2014

Running out of steam?

Just a quick poll/discussion: Do you think this project has lost its momentum? And if so, how do you think we can get it back again?
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This post is locked.
• 4/1/2014

Cease and Desist

Attention. Due to the lack of development, a horrendous lack of scripts or art, and weak characters and plots, I am declaring that the project we have been working on for months be cancelled and shut down.
for more information, look at my instruction video I made
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• 3/30/2014

IMPORTANT: Default chat will no longer be on Wikia

Well hombres, that day we have all dreaded has finally come. We can no longer use Wikia chat and remain productive.
Due to severe lag and connection issues plaguing us (mostly me and Pyrrhomaniac) over the past few weeks, we have come to the conclusion in this most recent chat that we might as well go ahead and make the permanent move to Skype. 
This isn't in effect immediately, of course. It just is when we're all settled in skype. We'll continue using either wikia or Gdoc until then. 
Let's face it. We all knew this was coming, we just didn't want it to come this soon. Let us now reflect, for another era of FORUM history has come and gone.
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• 3/25/2014

Music Announcements and Discussion

Although this thread's pimary purpose is to make the below announcement, it can be used as a go-to 'music thread' as well. 
For the Music Doc, the themes I'm coming up with are not originally main theme melodies. This is why I cut a lot of the Warcraft, AC2, TSFH, etc. 
Above all, we don't want to put in an adaptation of a melody that's too recognizable, or else people will cry rip-off. 
In addition, I'm liking all the suggestions, but that doc (or at least that portion of it) is reserved for what will eventually become FORUM's main theme. We can focus on scoring additional characters/events later, if we get that far (I wouldn't be against it, mind you, but priorities).
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• 3/25/2014

How was your day/week?

I was just wondering how your day/week was, since i like those kind of random things :D
And i felt like asking, since there is an off Topic board
well I'll start
My day was Okay, I received some grades from the test week last week.
My insufficient for Latin became a sufficient and it turns out that I did the translation of "Invidiae" better than my 'story knowledge'/Stylistic features (this is probably quite random for you xD)
Just made a logo for the Pres I have tomorrow, where I have to talk about nuclear Energy to 'Obama' 
Had two biology tests during math, one where my memory was tested and one where i could taste chocolate. Turns out I'm a pure dark chocolate lover <3. And ofc. math teacher didn't care
Actually said something during the debate at Philosophy
Uploaded two new songs at soundcloud
Ate Ice cream
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• 3/22/2014

New Combat Doc!

In other news: We have a new Gdoc specifically for weapons, combat and Semblance! I'd rather not have to hound people as badly as I did for some parts of the character database, so go ahead and draw up a page according to this format:
Character Name
Primary: Weapon Name

Technology: this would be a sentence or two about any interesting technologies the weapon has. For example, Valarauco's element-variation feature.
Notable (function): How the character uses the weapon and how its technology affects its use. 
Notable (design): Pretty self-explanatory.
History (if any): The weapon does not necessarily need to have a backstory, but be creative!
Secondary: Weapon name

A short little blurb about the secondary weapon (if any), how its used, etc.
Auxiliary: Weapon/equipment name

Same as above
Semblance: Short paragraph about your character's Semblance. 
Fighting style: A couple sentences about fighting style, including strengths and weaknesses. 
I know it's tempting to get carried away and get super-technical with your descriptions, but for our sake, please try to include only relevant information, or at least make it easier to read. You know who you are. 
Either go ahead and put in in the Gdoc (which is now in the FORUM folder), or write it up on your own and contact me about it, then I can put it in. Whatever works.
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• 3/18/2014

Art Thread 2: The Wondrously Sub-Par Extension!

Alright guys, just like with the original Ideas Thread, I think it's high time to move to a new Art Thread. Remember guys, sequels like this are never as good as the original!
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• 3/29/2014

Art: To do list

I guess this thread is just to give everyone including mmyself overview on art progression, so everyone knows what has been done, what will be done and what needs to be done
So basically just tell me what has to be made next and how to change certain things

I won't be posting any art here, just the progression
(Seperate thread made for overview, so not too kuch off topic plz)
-Portrait sketches coloured: Luna, Angren, Cal, Opaque, Draco and Maki 
-Portrait sketchhes: Wolf, Grey Ghost, Bastion, Siren, Mechanic, Mediator 
Full refs (No weapons yet)
- Luna 
- Pyrrhon
- WC
Progressing/On list:
-Panoramic shot of vale city
-Ref: Opaque, Draco
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• 3/8/2014

UPDATE: Switched accounts

I switched over to a new account and in case you're wondering. This is Lambda-11.
That's all.
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• 2/3/2014

Because Freakin' BIONICLE, that's why.

Having discovered that there are a lot of former Bionicle fans in FORUM, this is going to be the official Nostalgia thread. Start by listing favorite Toa, of course.
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• 1/24/2014


I have been trying to find this on Google could I please get a link to it?
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• 1/23/2014

Update Characters

It seems to me that a lot of the characters' pages have not been edited for quite some time. (Seeing lots of pitch black character boxes and tabs.) I'd strongly advise that everyone goes back to review and update their character page and change the text colors to something not dark. If the profiles whose tabs and/or character boxes are pitch black are not fixed by the middle of next week, I will manually change all the black texts to white. Even if you don't mind white, it'd be highly appreciated if you can do that yourself (to make my job easier).
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• 1/16/2014

Chat Regulation

Hear Ye Hear Ye!
Due to many people's suggestion for large scale chat meetings with the entire crew as well as pitfalls and duties in our real lives, Chat will now be once a week.
Chat Schedule:
Thursdays at 5:00 Pacific Standard Time
If you cannot make it or have a similar complaint, please reply to this thread.
The new Schedule will take effect starting next Thursday.
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• 1/12/2014

Character data can be dropped

For all those who I had put up complete profiles on their character pages (for the purposes of the Google Doc), you can take that data down if you wish, as I am now finished with all characters that have accompanying users. I still need data on 'Grey Ghost', plus our antagonists, but none of those have users. 
So yeah. That's how I'm ending the post.
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• 12/25/2013


Hey guys Merry Christmas. May I add this is our first Christmas of our career as Mangaka (Manga writers and artists, etc.)! Nice to be working with you guys and Merry Christmas.
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• 2/9/2014

Ideas Thread 2: The Excitingly Mediocre Next Part!

Well guys, I think the previous thread is getting a bit big to handle. It's really lagging out I would think. I'm just gonna post up this new thread here to take off some of the lag-heat from the other thread. So, without further notice, I hereby present the never-as-good-as-the-original second Ideas Thread to post our discussion of F.O.R.U.M. on!
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• 12/22/2013

Page Names & Colors

Announcement for everyone:
Ampersands do not work as page titles for the tabs. (For those of you who don't know what an ampersand is, it is the symbol I used in the title of this thread.) The tabs will not recognize the page as an "active tab" when you visit the page. To fix this, please rename all pages that are tabs and contain an ampersand to either use a comma (to save space), or an "and", and make the appropiate changes to the tab names themselves. Bottom line: Don't use ampersands in page names (anymore).
Also, regarding colors:
Please do not just type in "red" or "green" and whatnot for the color of text/background/border. The default colors don't usually match very well with each other and/or the current background (unless its simple black and white, of course). Instead, use the HEX color format (ex. #000000) to pick out specific colors so that they actually match and don't look hideous and/or kill your eyes.

If anyone needs any help regarding either of these problems, feel free to leave a message on my wall or leave a reply here.
That is all.
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