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• 3/25/2014

How was your day/week?

I was just wondering how your day/week was, since i like those kind of random things :D

And i felt like asking, since there is an off Topic board

well I'll start

My day was Okay, I received some grades from the test week last week.

My insufficient for Latin became a sufficient and it turns out that I did the translation of "Invidiae" better than my 'story knowledge'/Stylistic features (this is probably quite random for you xD)

Just made a logo for the Pres I have tomorrow, where I have to talk about nuclear Energy to 'Obama' 

Had two biology tests during math, one where my memory was tested and one where i could taste chocolate. Turns out I'm a pure dark chocolate lover <3. And ofc. math teacher didn't care

Actually said something during the debate at Philosophy

Uploaded two new songs at soundcloud

Ate Ice cream

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• 3/26/2014

Last night for me was very productive, got my two main weapon designs for F.O.R.U.M. basically finished.

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