• WoWMotherFan45

    Hello! So to anyone who thinks we are dead. No, we defiantly aren’t. All we did was move to another chat form to discuss the Manga. We will be using this page again soon as we have made ALOT of progress since the last posts and updates. I will be on occasionally to check the chat and see if anyone has any questions that needs answers and so on hope you have a nice day! And don’t be afraid to post questions and such!


    Thank you! 

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  • Opaquanity


    August 17, 2014 by Opaquanity

    Since I've become free recently and I still have a high interest in this project, yet cant seem to communicate with anyone very well due to that damned skype problem, I wanted to ask how I'm going to be updated from now on. I mean, the only way I know where we're going with the story is if I check the chapters we have. 

    But I DO need to find a way to still talk with the members somehow, and skype just isnt working for me. I hate to be a bother on this, but if I dont say anything I'll just be mostly in the dark *shrugs* 


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  • LunaValkyrie

    Yeah, the title is fairly accurate due to my abscene.

    As to why I've been absent for so long, well, not only did my teachers slam me with a ton of work and projects (finals didn't help either), but my entire grade went on a trip to Washington D.C. for nearly two weeks. To make matters worse, around the time I was finally starting to get free time, the new laptop that I got at the beginning of the year had gotten orange juice spilled all over it by my younger sister as a joke. This "hilarious" joke caused my laptop to be sent in for repairs for two whole weeks. Thankfully, now that my laptop came back today and school is finally over, I'm able to talk to you guys again! Hooray!

    Of course, at the time of writing this, I'm most likely unaware o…

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  • PerhapsTheOtherOne

    Alright guys, I know my behvaiour seems out of line and unnecessarily stubborn, but you see, this is more than a simple change of names on my part. It's a personal step away from what FORUM is. Now, you guys may not see that way, but I do. No matter what, that naming guideline simply can't be used in all scenarios. This thing has caused you guys to oust me more and more, and I don't wanna see that happen. Please understand, I have very good reason for my discontent. The naming guideline, though coming from Monty himself and used by him, doesn't necessarily necessitate its use in all works of fanfiction for each and every one of its characters. If he came out and simply stated it's canon for all the individuals (not just the characters we se…

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  • Angren Túrë

    Now that I have access to my trombone and sheet music again, I will begin composing what will eventually become FORUM's main theme. It's a multi-step process and here's how it will work:

    1. Set up my iPad and work it out by ear until I can play it from memory. 

    2. Transcribe the melody (or in this case, my interpretation of it) onto sheet music .

    3. Work out accompaniment parts by ear, do the same. 

    4. Put it all together on some sort of sheet music software. 

    I'm not optimistic about how long this will take me, considering how busy I'll be this summer. In addition, our template, the AoWIII Victory theme , is in a very awkward key for me as a brass player, so that's another complication I'll have to work with. I'll keep everyone posted with rele…

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  • Angren Túrë

    After exhaustive examination of the votes received in the last poll (and by exhaustive, I mean about fifteen seconds), I have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of us have decided that our main theme will be adapted from the Age of Wonders III Victory Theme. Thanks to everyone who voted. All six of you. 

    That decision being made, I ask you: What comes next for the music department? Should we work on arranging the main theme (I have no software, but a decent ear), or should we start talking character themes and other motifs? 

    Decide in the comments. 

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  • Angren Túrë

    I picked the three from the earlier that people seemed to agree upon the most, plus one I found earlier that is just absolutely perfect. VOTE!

    1. Nero 

    2. Atlantis

    3. Convoy

    4. Age of Wonders 3 Victory Theme (46:27)

    After this particular poll, our next music-related topic can be either character themes or scene ideas. Up to y'all. 

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  • Angren Túrë

    Cast your votes in the comments section for which piece you think would work the best as a melody for FORUM's main theme!

    1. Nero , by Two Steps from Hell.

    2. Atlantis , by Two Steps from Hell.

    3. Friendship to Last , by Two Steps from Hell. 

    4. Forum of Ox , by Jesper Kyd, from the Assassin's Creed: Revelations Soundtrack.

    5. Convoy  by Neil Davidge, from the Halo 4 Soundtrack.

    6.The Battle March (Medley) , by The Pogues

    EDIT: The way it's looking, we'll most likely have to do do a runoff between Nero, Atlantis & Convoy. 

    EDIT AGAIN: If you haven't yet, post your reasons for why you picked. 

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  • Bms111

    Perks of Chatloging

    February 10, 2014 by Bms111

    You know, when it comes to chatlogs, there are many uses. There is the archiving. There is the ability to go back and reference past events. The ease with which you can keep track of what was said, when.

    But there is something else that not many think of, or even consider when they are using a chatlog. Aside from the blackmailing of certain things said concerning [removed]  And that is the straight reading value of it. It may sound strange, but in the unlikely case you just get THAT bored, sitting down and reading these to catch up can have its benefits. Then again, I do read too fast for the sources I read from some times. But it may be just me.

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  • Angren Túrë

    More idle musing.

    February 4, 2014 by Angren Túrë

    The mind tends to wander when the body is convalescing. 

    Anyway, partly out of the influx of nostalgia I had writing up the Bionicle thread on the Off-topic board and partly due to the feels I got from finishing my most recent marathon of The Lord of the Rings (I watch the trilogy twice a year, and the Grey Havens stil gets me every time), I just have to wonder: what exactly is it about this FORUM project that makes it what it is?

    How did it snowball from a joking thread on the RWBY wiki's Off Topic board to what could amount to be a pretty large-scale production? Well, not necessarily that, but you know what I mean. How is it that we have this extensive set of arcs, characters and locations--that could actually do well as a standalone projec…

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  • Pyrrhomaniac

    Page Names & Colors

    December 22, 2013 by Pyrrhomaniac

    Announcement for everyone:

    Ampersands do not work as page titles for the tabs. (For those of you who don't know what an ampersand is, it is the symbol I used in the title of this blog post.) The tabs will not recognize the page as an "active tab" when you visit the page. To fix this, please rename all pages that are tabs and contain an ampersand to either use a comma (to save space), or an "and", and make the appropiate changes to the tab names themselves. Bottom line: Don't use ampersands in page names (anymore).

    Also, regarding colors:

    Please do not just type in "red" or "green" and whatnot for the color of text/background/border. The default colors don't usually match very well with each other and/or the current background (unless its simple bla…

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  • Angren Túrë

    Partly to break up the horrible tedium that constitutes my Climate Change class, and partly because I have things stuck in my head, I was just wondering; it's a little sad that we're using a manga as our medium, because that eliminates what Ithink to be a great element of any story--music. I was just listening to this , and I was actually visualizing a fight scene in Angren and Maki's arc where they're surrounded by O's goons, and pull off a totally badass running fight scene. Just a thought, on my part. That, and I'm a total soundtrack nerd. 

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  • LunaValkyrie

    Hey folks! Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday! I know I did! Sadly we had to move our usual chat date to today because ... well, let's face it; who will come to a chat on the internet on a holiday? Turns out, that's only three people. And sadly, Thanksgiving joy was quickly ruined by Black Friday where "ZOMG, PEPLZ NEDZ DER SWEATRZ111". Oh, humanity, why must you cause me to facepalm most of the time.

    Anyways, enough about that! Here's what we covered this week:

    • We discussed joke issues to troll any unsuspecting viewers.
    • T.O.M.M. being stuck in the Thoronath was done purposely by Luna and she couldn't - and still can't - figure out how to get him out.
      • That point of Luna trapping T.O.M.M. on the Thoronath and not being able to get …
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  • LunaValkyrie

    So, a lot happened this week! We even got a visit from the good people from the RWBY Fanon! And man, was it fun. Ahem, it is time to go over the list!

    • We came up with the canon name for the forest once known as Tauremorna; which is now known is Voidwood.
    • The Voidwood Settlement will be the main location of the manga.
    • We made the decision that alongside the existing canon Grimm, we shall create Grimm of our own; however, we shall not over-do it.
    • Backstories created/edited for Parrot, Maki, The Builder, and O.
    • Discussed a new possible character.
    • Gave an alignment type to O.
    • Came up with the idea of daily chat sessions in the future.
    • We may receive another possible (key word is possible) artist thanks to the kind people from the RWBY Fanon. Just be patient …
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  • PerhapsTheOtherOne

    It has come to my attention that the RWBY Fanon is also in the process of creating a manga series to serve as a combination of some popular fan creations on the site. Now, why must I bring this up? Well, you see, they've become a force to be reckoned with. They have paid artists and writers whom have had specific training for it. We are the underdogs here, being a simple rag-tag team of fans whom wished to simply create a collective product out of our love for the RWBY series. However, they, having been based around the Fanon Wiki, have access to a wider audience. I have no doubts that we will eventually outlast them, but the road ahead will be bumpy. I want you all, members of FORUM, to ask yourselves why we're here, why we joined the pro…

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  • Pyrrhomaniac

    Away for a Week

    November 17, 2013 by Pyrrhomaniac

    Just a heads up for you all, I have to go to Singapore for a conference in the coming week and I'm not sure if there will be sufficiently stable/fast internet where I'm staying (or any internet at all, for that matter), so I may be absent from the wiki for awhile.

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  • LunaValkyrie

    Hey folks! Another week, another discussion in the chat! This week, we discussed the following:

    • Character arcs
    • The Big Bad and his subordinates
    • The "White Fang" (actually Mercenaries)
    • Semblance and Aura
    • Relationships to the Big Bad

    • The Siren = Ninja Assassin Master.

    • The Bastion = Tanky Hulking Brute.

    • The Builder = Tech Specialized Mechanic.

    • The Reaver = Second-in Command and Professional Villain.

    • O/The Organizer = Tragic Expert All-Knowing Big Bad.

    • Angren: Greatest thief/criminal in his planet's history, was misinterpreted by Maki.

    • WoW: Former assassin gone rogue after falling in love with a target. Had a daughter that was stolen and became a friendly amnesiac.

    • T.O.M.M.: Was an attempt to recreate O's daughter and had absorbed the personality of said d…

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  • Angren Túrë

    Well, I don't know if two episode synopses and their corresponding transcripts necessarily qualifies as a "routine", but still. Basically, what I'm wanting to know is whether cohseive chronological summaries (basically, episode synopses) will still be a thing. 

    If not, i'm ok with that--we seem to be doing pretty well here, even if we can't necessarily keep everything off the Forums (not that I mind). 

    But if so, how would I be able to post it, since I can't use blogs on either this wiki or the RWBY wiki anymore. Google Docs, mass email, maybe?

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  • LunaValkyrie

    Okay, so as for our daily discussion in the chat, we made quite the amount of progress this week! A whole entire 3 hours and 40 minutes of discussion; and boy did it prove to be a great use of time! So here's the run-down for any of you that missed it!

    • So we have even more info on the backstories of T.O.M.M. and WoW; much more detailed due to the creation of Chameleon; the big bad of FORUM
    • We also have the motivations of Chameleon covered
    • We've also held discussion about how all of the characters in FORUM are in some way connected to Chameleon
    • Along with that, I believe we held some brief discussion about the White Fang

    Hope to catch you all next week for another Daily Chat Discussion!

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  • Opaquanity


    October 28, 2013 by Opaquanity

    Do we have any idea what artists were going to be recruiting yet? If not I think we should actually *Hire* someone, maybe a proffesional from Devianart or something. Im not trying to be annoying, but I dont know anything yet....

    And I also would like to know when were going to be changing things on the wiki, you know like backgrounds and colors and such. We need a deadline for everything :/ 

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  • Pyrrhomaniac

    Data Transfer

    October 27, 2013 by Pyrrhomaniac

    As we are moving the project over onto this wiki, I was thinking how we should transition the threads onto this wiki and how information such as the episode transcripts should be transferred, as it would make it much easier to find them. What I currently have in mind is that all discussion should still go on on the old threads on the RWBY wiki, as our own Forums are nowhere near operational yet (from what I can tell). Regarding the transcripts, I think perhaps there can be a dedicated transcript page that is perhaps hidden from everyone until the release of the episode, as to maintain the the element of surprise yet making it easier to locate while things are still a work-in-progress. This is simply what I currently have in mind, however, …

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