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This Wiki is about the upcoming manga-based webcomic following a group of travelers who crash-land in an unknown region in Remnant.

This is a manga about the wiki contributors that participate to make a manga about a group of travelers who crash land in an unknown part of the RWBY world. There, they create a town and try to survive against dangers from without and within.

This originally began as an informal pet project in the backwoods of the RWBY Wiki Forums. It gradually increased in size until a week before this wiki was founded... and then it exploded.

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  • WoWMotherFan45

    Hello! So to anyone who thinks we are dead. No, we defiantly aren’t. All we did was move to another chat form to discuss the Manga. We will be using this page again soon as we have made ALOT of progr…

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  • Opaquanity


    August 17, 2014 by Opaquanity

    Since I've become free recently and I still have a high interest in this project, yet cant seem to communicate with anyone very well due to that damned skype problem, I wanted to ask how I'm going to…

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  • LunaValkyrie

    Yeah, the title is fairly accurate due to my abscene.

    As to why I've been absent for so long, well, not only did my teachers slam me with a ton of work and projects (finals didn't help either), but my…

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